ED-Visa Service

Non-Immigrant Visa ED

Hand to hand combat school is authorized to provide students officially enrolling into the Self Defense Program a Non-Immigrant Education (ED) visa support document for the duration of the program only.

This means that for students who enroll into the program, Hand to hand combat school can provide total Non-Immigrant ED visa support.

Policy Immigration Thailand For Education Visa.

You can stay in Thailand 12 months but every 90 days have to go to immigration for extension and reporting.

Education Visa Processing.

When you already enrolled at school after that school will need to do next processing for do all the documents submit to the Ministry of education. Within 15 working days when school already receive back all the documents officer school communicate to student by e-mail and call to student come to school for pick up all the documents next processing go to Thai embassy in foreign country for student visa application. After you receive education visa at Laos or your country. You will need to come to school for copy passport for check expiry date.


– Every 90 days officer will need to contact student by e-mail to sign documents immigration form at school and immigration date
– After student already sign all the immigration form at school. Student will need to fill out all the form provided by the school then give passport and photo to school officer to receive a cue card on next day morning.
– Date for immigration at time 7 AM school officer go to immigration for receive a cue card.
– At time 9 AM school officer call to student for notify all the detail and a cue number
– School officer go to immigration office and meet student

What have to do at immigration office
1. Reporting for student (excepting 1st time) Take a cue for do reporting first
2. Reporting already, Before reporting there have board for fill out Name-Surname, Passport number and signature then after already fill out have to do visa extension with Immigration officer as call a cue and using prepared documents and money 1,900 Baht then waiting for take a photo and receive passport back.

ED-Visa Course

฿34,000twelve months


    • 2 hours/day
    • 2 days/week
    • Sat – Sun
    • 3 PM – 5 PM
    • Teach English Language
    • Total 180 hours/year
    • Get ED-Visa