ED-Visa Course

ED-Visa Course

฿34,000twelve months


    • 2 hours/day
    • 2 days/week
    • Sat – Sun
    • 3 PM – 5 PM
    • Teach English Language
    • Total 180 hours/year
    • Get ED-Visa

Non-Immigrant Visa ED

Hand to hand combat school is authorized to provide students officially enrolling into the Self Defense Program a Non-Immigrant Education (ED) visa support document for the duration of the program only.

This means that for students who enroll into the program, Hand to hand combat school can provide total Non-Immigrant ED visa support.

Hand to Hand Conbat Education Visa Processing.

Once we have received the required documents from you, either you visit our school or send the documents online. We will submit your documents to The Ministry of Education. The process takes 6 weeks, You’ll have to do a visa run to Laos (or embassy of your choice, so long as we know) and hand in your Visa Application at the Thai Embassy (takes 2-3 days), After that you receive education visa . You will need to come to school for copy passport for check expiry date.

You’ll need to following

  1. Bring original passport (with departure card)
  2. 2 passport photos (1.5” x 1.5”)
  3. Bring payment (34,000 THB cash or Transfer Thai Bank account)

Course Details

  • Classes scheduled every Saturday and Sunday from 3 to 5 p.m.
  • Flexibility for attendance if you need to travel, etc.

Annual Tuition Fee Includes:

  • All application, reporting and extension paperwork
  • Self-defense instruction
  • 90-day report service

Please NOTE*   Policy immigration for foriengner who’s living in Thailand, You must have the Reciept notification of your address (TM.30) and update everytime when you leave and comback to Thailand within 24 hours. If you not update you’ll have to pay fine for 1,600 baht.

A Visa with Serious Benefits

For those with an eye on a longer-term stay in Chiang Mai, the Self-Defense ED Visa provides legal backing for your permission to live in Thailand. While some of the following privileges are possible with a Tourist Visa, most are not. Once you have an ED Visa, you are granted the option to:

  • Open a bank account
  • Purchase and sell vehicles
  • Receive discounts to Government parks and attractions
  • Open a trading account with a broker
  • Get a Thai driving license
  • Get a mobile phone contract easier
  • Get Thai rather than Farang prices


  • Valid for 12 months
  • Self-defense training
  • No Thai language study
  • 90-day reporting and extensions included
  • Headmaster is a VIP bodyguard in Chiang Mai
  • Learn skills that will benefit you the rest of your life
  • Only 34,000 BHT
Policy Immigration Thailand For Education Visa.

You can stay in Thailand 12 months but every 90 days you have to go to immigration for extension and report your address .