Wednesday March 10th, 2021
Australian passport

Can I Extend my Thai Tourist Visa?

Coming to Thailand in 2021 Prior to the global covid response, Thailand allowed in tourists from many countries with visa free bilateral agreements for up to […]
Thursday March 11th, 2021
Thailand tourist visa with a UK passport

How long can I stay in Thailand on a Tourist Visa?

Coming to Thailand in 2021 Prior to 2020, Thailand was not difficult to enter for tourists from most countries. Many foreigners’ passports would allow them visa […]
Thursday March 11th, 2021
A beach in Thailand

When will Thailand open up to Tourists?

In 2021, Thailand Still Welcomes Tourists As of the first quarter of 2021, foreign tourists can enter Thailand. Actually, from December 2020, travelers from up to […]
Monday March 15th, 2021
Thailand airport terminal

Is Thailand Open to Tourists?

As covid lockdowns disabled the global economy, Thailand also suffered immensely. Huge losses due to loss of income from tourism, both domestic and international, and the […]